Friday, December 18, 2009

STRODIVAL aka OUABAIN or G-Stropanthin


To: Formosa Antonia at MDH <>

Sent: Thu, 17 December, 2009 23:38:

My name is Mr Ivens,
As a matter of courtesy try to spell it right.

Now please identify yourself, Ms Antonia Formosa, and on whose authority or instruction your reply was composed?----[see below] What does DPPM signify? Do you expect a member of the public to know it stands for "Directorate of Pharmaceutical Policy and Monitoring"? Doesn't that suggest a huge arrogance on your part? Failing to identify your authority and position,that is understood by a lay person?

It is as well that this is established,as I intend to ensure this gets maximum publicity,if this drug is not introduced for the benefit of those suffering from heart disease in Malta.

Your reply suggests that you are content to permit all deaths from heart attacks to continue in Malta, when almost all, if not all these deaths are unnecessary.

You speak of "research carried out".
Please refer me to the research of which you speak?
It strikes me if research has indeed been carried out,then there could be charges of negligence there as well.

I assume you have a Freedom of Information Act on the Statute Book in Malta?
The "clear evidence" not seeming to exist, according to you, ignores the evidence I have presented to you.
Please correct me if what I have presented to you was not lucid.

That it is used by 5000+ Doctors in Germany, without side effects, and with a 98.5% satisfaction rate.
That it has abolished death from heart attacks amongst miners down the mines in Germany, since the relief it gives from any angina-type warning is immediate.
That Dr Kern of Stuttgart treated 15,000 patients over 21 years, and didn't lose a single one to a heart attack.
That Dr Kern also established through carrying out many postmortems, that death by heart attack is not caused by narrowed arteries or clots, but by the build-up of an acidic content, which Strodival eliminates. His findings have never been successfully challenged,which of course is to the chagrin of all those dependent on incomes and prestige from carrying out bypass surgery,which Strodival makes largely unnecessary.

Think of the savings to the MDH.Or are you thinking of the earnings of the Heart Surgeons?

Perhaps this is why you have had no requests for the introduction of Strodival?

May I suggest therefore that you alert all Maltese Doctors to the use and success of Strodival in Germany over the past 63 years,since Dr Kern started using it? Isn't that common sense?
Just tell them to Google Dr Kern Stuttgart. [also for the benefit of those who may read this on Twitter.]

If Dr Kern was mistaken, how was it that none of his heart patients died, whereas all other Doctor's lose many of their patients to heart attacks?

Excuse me? What did you say? No clear evidence for its use seems to exist? Do you think I am making this up?
I should have added these paragraphs in my email to you yesterday, which were included in my email of 14th November, upon which you based your response, I presume?

"Currently, there are approximately 5000 M.D.s in Germany using and prescribing oral g-strophanthin. The booklet Eine Dokumentation ambulanz-kardiologischer Therapie Ergebnisse nach Anwendung oralen g-strophanthin represents the results of a survey wherein 3645 medical doctors made statements on use of this remedy in their practices from 1976 to 1983. Of these, 3552 gave exclusively positive testimony with no reservations. No one gave a negative response.

To save you getting your calculator out, that's 97.44% very satisfied Doctors.
This is a very inexpensive drug for which you claim there is no demand or Official request in Malta?

" One of the most necessary things in the contemporary medicine is to call attention to a topic that seems to be unbelievable at first sight: Ouabain (in german: g-Strophanthin), an extraction of an african plant called "strophanthus gratus", which since 1991 is discovered as an endogenous substance - a new hormone-, prevents angina pectoris and myocardial infarction by nearly 100 percent without side effects. [My accentuation.]

[You understand the word "endogenous"? It means it already occurs
naturally in the body. There must be a good reason therefore for its presence. This means it isn't really a drug anyway, and therefore should be available without prescription, as has been suggested by many Doctors in Germany.]

"There is an overabundance of studies and documented experiences, so that its effects are quite obvious, even if the great clinical double-blind study is missing."

How was it you put it?[we will ignore your sentence construction]

"nor does, from research carried out, any clear evidence and guidelines for its use seem to exist that warrants such an introduction."

No clear evidence? Guidelines for its use not existing?What research has really been done? It appears the answer is NONE!!

"The regular, clinical use of oral g-strophanthin (a cardiac glycoside derived from the West African plant strophanthus gratus):
* Prevents lethal myocardial tissue acidosis, and thereby
* Substantially reduces the incidence of myocardial infarction and completely prevents infarction deaths".[my underlining just to make sure you are getting the message]-- Dr Kern of Stuttgart treated 15,000 patients in 21 years, and never lost ONE to a heart attack.

Is that "clear evidence"? Or Gobbledygook?
Is that written in plain English?

You speak of no "Official request" having been made for this medicine, which saves literally 1000s of lives in Germany every year, as witnessed by the survey of more than 3000 Doctors!! Are all Maltese Doctors asleep? Do none of them attend international medical conferences?

I will ask you a simple question.
Would you consider a Doctor negligent who failed to treat a patient with a drug which has been shown to save almost all lives of patients suffering from heart disease, if it was available?

The Doctor would reply that he or she had not been made aware of Strodival, but had he/she been aware,of course he/she would have prescribed it.

Failing to give that response would lead them to charges of gross negligence and possibly being struck off the Register.

The refusal of your Department to carry out a proper objective assessment of Strodival,carries the same accusation.

"I don't see deadly myocardial infractions any more".
[That means, as I understand it, that this Doctor is saying NONE of his patients is now dying from a heart attack.If you have another interpretation, or think he/she and 1000s of other German Doctors are lying, please come out and say so.]
"Ouabain--the optimal solution
for the problem of myocardial infarction".
[my underlining again to ensure you are concentrating]
[Excerpts from the book "Ouabain, the possible victory over the myocardial infarction"
By Rolf-Jurgen Petry.

I think I am writing in plain English. You do understand plain English I take it?
If no Doctors in Malta are aware of the benefits of Strodival, then it seems unlikely any one of them will request its introduction !!
This is a chicken and egg situation which it appears you are happy to let continue, because none of the Medical Establishment in Malta is prepared to investigate whether I am telling the truth or not,or examine all this evidence.

I am now making an Official Request for the introduction of this drug in Malta, assuming you will now do your job and check out the success of its use in Germany to ascertain whether its absence will result in the continuation of 100s of unnecessary deaths in Malta every year.

If you tell me you refuse to do this we will see what is the next appropriate step to take.Pretty soon you may be sued for negligence by the next of kin of a heart attack victim, when they hear that you refused to make Strodival available in Malta.

If you tell me I am not qualified to make such a call on you, I will respond by asking whether you think a lay person reporting a house on fire should have kept his mouth shut because he is not qualified to put the fire out?

Or the Fire Brigade should ignore his report of the fire because he is not a fireman?
Your response suggests equal stupidity,as with the house fire analogy.

Both result in deaths due to incompetence and/or negligence.

You tell me.

Which is it?

John Ivens.
In this correspondence the terms "Strodival", "Ouabain" and "G-Stropanthin", mean the same, and are interchangeable.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

This requires maximum publicity, It is a scandal !!

Why does Doctor Briffa refuse to comment on the use of Ouabain, aka Strodival, aka G-Strophanthin, which completely prevents death by heart attack? Has he not researched Dr Kern of Stuttgart, after I sent him the info? Why does he think 5000 German Doctors now use it to prevent heart attacks, and in a survey 98.5% of them reported that it was the best treatment? Better than Digitalis.

Dr Kern treated 15,000 heart patients with Ouabain between 1947 and 1968, AND NOT ONE DIED FROM A HEART ATTACK !!

Why did deaths from heart attacks down German coal mines plummet to zero, after Strodival was made available down the mines, and were still at zero 10 years later?
Ouabain has been used for at least 100 years to prevent death by heart attack.
It has no side effects, and many German Doctors think it should be available without prescription.

It is based on an African plant and is not expensive.
It has no Patent protection.
I have been quoted E30 for 100 tablets.
I am told it is available free of Prescription at some Airports.
Why is it not available in the UK?
Why is it not available in Malta where I presume many of Dr Briffa's relatives live?
Why are they all being denied this life saving medicine?

Dr Kern proved by partaking in many Post Mortems that clots and narrowed arteries are NOT the cause of death by heart attack. They are caused by acidic build-up, which Strodival immediately counters.

No one has ever refuted his findings.So please speak to your Doctor and your MP.
This is a scandal. Its blocking could have something to do with the forfeit of expensive drug earnings, which would result, and the subsequent loss of heart surgeons' fees, as this will make most bypass operations unnecessary.
More here:-
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  2. Cardiac Infarct - ( Ouabain ) - the Endogenous Hormone

    But contrary to American specialists internist Dr. med. Berthold Kern from Stuttgart used g-strophanthin (Ouabain) since 1947 as basis treatment for his ... index.htm - Cached - Similar

John Ivens.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Global Hypocrisy

Excuse my ignorance, but isn't CO2 heavier than air?
So how do our CO2 emissions get up into the atmosphere?
Is the answer to this conundrum worthy of another Nobel Prize?

They pump CO2 into greenhouses, don't they?
To make the plants grow more, don't they?
Is it true that the gases from both ends of all the domestic animals,
add far more carbons to the air than all the cars, motor cycles and aircraft combined?
If so, why are we still eating dead animal flesh, if this is so serious?
[I don't, by the way ]

Oh! I see! It's not THAT serious!!
It's serious enough to virtually bankrupt us with new taxes, but not serious enough to stop YOU eating animals drugged up to the eyeballs, before they are killed, and then their flesh chemically treated with colouring
to make it look more appetizing to YOU?
Would you call this a lust to taste flesh?

That is of course, if you can find the dead flesh of a sentient being to your taste?
They eat dogs in Korea. You eat cows, baby cows, goats, pigs, sheep, baby sheep, and horses.
Is that moral superiority?
Am I missing something?
Or is it YOU?

Monday, November 23, 2009

I had a meeting with President Abela today !

I had a meeting with President Abela today !! [You can't beat that for a throw-away line !!]
About 20 of us concerned with animal welfare here, mostly from Animal Sanctuaries and Charities.

Very impressed. A lawyer--aren't they all ? Coincidentally, he comes from Marsascala. He has a 3 legged cat which came from my cat colony, but before my time.The cat had gone to sleep in the engine compartment of a parked car. The rest you can imagine. So he is a devoted animal friend, which I imagine is why we were summoned. He has been in Office less than a year.

[Incidentally we have just caught and had neutered half our colony of about 60 cats. 3 of us are paying for the exercise. If we hadn't done so, the numbers would have been out of control by next summer, and out of our control to feed as well !! ]

I told the President to pay a visit sometime, as he won't find a healthier band of cats anywhere.One of us is a Pathologist so has access to antibiotics for the cats. They look as well fed and cared for as any domestic cat, and have a far better lifestyle, living amongst the large limestone rocks on the beach.]

The meeting lasted about 45 minutes, with snacks and photos. I hope they are transmitted via the internet. He wandered round and talked with conviction to all of us. I am expecting to be appointed Cat Emissary to the EU any day soon !! Well the gravy train in Brussels would be interesting !!

Magnificent Palace in central Valletta. Huge glass chandeliers, painted ceilings, armour suits everywhere. Not a lot of furniture !! Even a portrait of George III , Wasn't he the mad one? Yes, he was.The Palace dates from about 1700. Large spiral marble staircase up 3 floors to his suite.Surprised to see a 15 ft high portrait of the Queen there. I guess it was standard issue to the Empire when she still ruled, designed to be hung in very large rooms.[ Was it painted by numbers?] It's not the Annigoni.[Copy !!]

Large courtyard with pillars and statues, one of Neptune. A few Bishops and Cardinals wandering around. Then we spotted the uniforms of the Vatican Guard sitting in a corner. [with persons inside of course !!] You know, that striped kit with bloomers. [Vatican United?]

Clearly the German had sent his emissaries to make sure one of his outposts was up to scratch , and probably to collect some dosh--also known as coins of the realm, to help pay the massive Paedophile Damages awarded against the Priests !!

It shows the enormous wealth that existed then. I asked one of the Maltese with us to explain, as I had never got to the bottom of this conundrum. Malta, a tiny island living on agriculture, yet there are a dozen or more amazing Palaces built at that time, as well as 100 or more lavish churches.[Population today 400,000. Then, less than 100,000]

The answer apparently was the Knights of St John, thinly disguised as Pirates, who ravished the mainly Turkish ships going about their business. They ran this place with the mob from the Vatican.This upset the Turks who decided it was time to sort the Maltese out. Hence the huge Battlements everywhere.

Fortunately Malta is made of limestone which carves easily into large building blocks. Even today everything is built of these blocks. I have visions of the time when the last available block is quarried, and the whole island sinks serenely into the Med !!

As a lawyer of 61, he has done all right for himself, especially considering his Labour roots. His house on the sea shore across the harbour from me is probably worth £2m.
Interestingly, he must dye his hair !! No one has hair that black at the age of 61 !!
Reuters, UPI etc.

Best wishes,